Hebrew Name Pendant Necklaces


Pendants with one Hebrew name, or multiple names for a male or female of any age. Fused glass in various sizes, shapes and colors. They are decorated by hand, by the granddaughter of a scribe, in 22k gold or platinum, in bold or fine block letters, with the name or names of your child, children or grandchildren. Names can be written vertically for a decorative look with one name; or horizontally, with one name to a line. The number of names that can be applied is limited by the size of the pendant. See samples, shapes and colors. Color choices are white, 2 shades of red, Israeli flag blue, navy, aqua, teal green, pink, purples, beige and black. They can also be made of custom dichroic glasses. The true beauty of the colors is hard to capture with professional photography, which dulls the sheen in trying to capture detail. The pieces are much prettier in true life. Contact me for more details, and we can discuss styles and colors, bail choices (sterling silver is an additional $20). I have many types of glasses to choose from, and cannot show them all here. Designs are copyrighted by Creations By Eudice.



PN103 - $40

1.25 x 1.25 inch on diamond. Aqua fused glass with platinum bold block lettering and a silver plated bail. It has a silver plated bail and platinum lettering. If you would like a similar pendent with a different name, go to contact page, write the number of the item and the color you would like it in and contact me to give the name


PN115 - $45 - Sample of 2 names

1x1.75 inch black fused glass with names written in 22k gold. 18k gold plated bail. There is a $5 charge for each additional name. The piece is a little larger than standard.


PK105 - $70 - Sample

A 1" square, aqua fused glass cabochon ,with Platinum lettering on a large Sterling Silver plaque that is rectangular and has a wide, large bail. The plaque is beautiful made and measures 1 1/4" wide 3/4" high. The bail which is part of the plaque is 13/32" wide and will hold a chain or cord up to 6mm. I have a limited quantity of these plaques. I also have a few other plaques in various shapes that I can attach a fused glass cabochon with a name on it. It makes a beautiful Bat Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, Mother's day or birthday present. Call for information.


PN116 - $40 - Sample of single name in bold

1.25x1.25 inch. Pale pink fused glass pendant with platinum writing. Special order sterling silver bail $15 extra, not included in price. Bold Hebrew lettering. I will customize with your name.


PN104 - Samples of Various Styles of Hebrew Name Pendants


PN109 - $40

Top: 0.8 x 0.7 inches rounded square in navy blue for maximum of 3 letters Middle: 0.8 x 1 inch square in navy blue for maximum of 3 letters Choice of bail may alter the price. Sterling silver is an additional $15. Silver and gold plate are standard and included in the price. Bottom: 1.2 x 1.2 inches square in navy blue for maximum of 5 letters


PN110 - $40

Top: 1 x 1 inch. Navy Blue Bottom: 1.2 x 1,2 inch Israeli Flag Blue. Can hold 6 letters. These cabochons are ready to be embellished with the name of your choice; choose your color and size. choice of bail may alter the price. Silver plate and gold filled are the same, sterling is $15 additional.


PN111 - $40

1 x 1 inch. Petite Diamond Shaped. Will accommodate 4 letters. The picture of the cabochon, does not show the true color. It is the blue green, rather than the olive color that is shown in some areas. It is a beautiful color, that has just a little more green than the aqua. The price depends on the bail you choose. Sterling silver is $15 additional


PK104 - $45

Red has always been the color worn to ward off the evil eye. My family has always worn red in one form or another. These red pendants are design for women and children. I write as a scribe would: your name in Hebrew in bold or delicate block letters; in platinum or 22k gold. These names are then fused to the piece in a kiln. They are attractive to wear and hopefully will protect the wearer from the Evil Eye. Contact me for further info. The site and gallery have examples. Pendants are attached to sterling silver, silver plated or gold plated bails


PN125 - $50 SOLD

Unisex pendant 1.25” wide, 1.5” tall plus ½” bail. Stainless steel plate with fused glass rectangle in any color of your choice. Hebrew name written vertically in script. The Glass could also be placed horizontally on the plaque being 1.25” wide. It comes with an adjustable cord. Great as a man or boy’s gift.


PN114 - $40

This is a sample of some of the colors offered in Name Pendants. 1st column - red orange,light blue. Column 2 - red orange and deep blue. Column 3 - Deep red, dark blue, aqua, red orange with clear border. Column 4 - Dark red, teal green, blue, and black. Other colors are available, some which may cost more than the below listed price. Pink, purples, aqua,beige,coral,greens, and designer glass.

PN120 PN121 PN122 PN124



The lettering on the pendant was drawn to replicate the font used in her Bat Mitzvah invitation.  Printed in Platinum and fired into the pink fused glass cabochon, it will be  a permanent remembrance of this momentous occasion in her life. A gift she will treasure.




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