One of a Kind, Custom-Made Ornate Fused Glass Mezuzah's in Medium Sizes


A unique selection, that is ever changing. One of a kind beautiful Mezuzah cases, for that special gift. A wedding, new baby, new home, college grad who is leaving home, or a truly special Mezuzah for your home. Made of fused glass, with dichroic glass insets they are hand painted, adorned and accented with a 22kgold or a Platinum Shin in various hand-scribed styles that are fused into the glass. Mezuzah are made in many sizes and colors to fit any home decor, or preference. They are on metal, wood backing or comprise of the glass alone, which has a pocket in the center of the glass Mezuzah case which when sealed with removable seal, makes it both weather and waterproof. The ones on the exotic wood bases, which enhance, protect and facilitate the hanging of the Mezuzah. If you want something other than what you see is currently available on the site, I also design and make custom order Mezuzah cases, made to your specific requirements either size, colors or material. Contact me by e-mail or phone. I would love to make a Mezuzah case for you or your loved ones. A Mezuzah they will treasure.



MM123 - $300

2x6 inch. A truly unique Mezuzah, of royal blue fused glass with large Dichroics in shades of copper, teal and gold. A gold vine is growing up an attached adjunct. The Mezuzah holds up to a 3" scroll in a pocket in the glass. The Mezuzah case comes with a silicone seal that makes it weatherproof.



6" long by 1-3/4" wide. This gorgeous Mezuzah case is light blue translucent glass that has a gold Dichroic Shin embedded in the fused glass The glass is filled with tiny bubbles that add interest to it. Embossed with a 22K gold vine that was fired into the glass, and is entwined on the shim. There is a depression in the back of the glass for you to put your scroll. It can hold up to a 3- 3/4" scroll. You will be able to see the scroll threw the translucent glass. Ultra suede to match the glass covers the back and it comes in a gift box with Brass screws supplied. This case is for an inside door.


MM128 - $250 NEW-ONE OF A KIND

6" long by 1-3/4" wide. This Sapphire translucent Mezuzah case has Dichroic glass fired into it. The biblical map of the State of Israel and Israel written in Hebrew is written on the surface in 22k Gold that has been fired into the glass. A very special Mezuzah case. A piece of blue Ultra suede is the backing and made so the scroll can be removed for checking it. A gift box will be supplied and Bronze screws supplied. This for an inside door and will make a very special addition to a home.


ML108 - $175 SOLD

1.5 x 6.5 inches. Abstract design of fused glass set with large sections of dichroic glass reflecting gold, silver and browns. Enhanced with large 22k gold shin fused to the glass and which is over dichroic in multi shades of brown, which peak out from behind the shin. A 22k gold staff stands next to a large silver dichroic glass section, which sets off the dimension of the piece. Mounted on a cherry wood base with compartment for scroll and covered with a brass plate.


ML113 - $175 SOLD

1.75x6.2 inches. Green marbleized fused glass with blue metallic dichroic staff. This special Mezuzah is adorned with 22k gold vine climbing around the staff opening into a shin. the gold is fired into the glass. Set on a exotic padouk wood base, polyurethane for protection, that echoes the shape of the glass. The case holds up to a 4.25 inch scroll and is protected with a solid brass plate.


MM124 - $250 SOLD

2 x 5.75 in. Black fused glass Mezuzah with large dichroic glass fused in the glass. It has shades of metallic green, blue, turquoise and gold. It is textured and enhanced with a 22k gold shin and branch. Hold a 2.5" scroll. The scroll pocked will be sealed with silicone, making it weatherproof.



Commissioned Mezuzah as a wedding present from the sister of the groom. Design was to be an everlasting memory of their wedding, with it being my interpretation of the wedding invitation design in 22k gold, - fired into the glass. mm125A


MM129 $275 SOLD

This was gone as soon as I showed it. Klimpt inspired Mezuzah case has green , gold and black Dichroic in the fused glass and is heavily decorated in 22k gold that has been fired into the glass. While this one is sold I can make you a Klimpt inspired Mezuzah case in colors to suit you. It will not look like this case however as all my Mezuzah cases are unique.




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